Engineering Services

Allum Engineering’s core engineering core competencies are:

  • Structural analysis and design of structures
  • Mechanical equipment design
  • Piping and pressure vessel analyses and design
  • Navel Architecture and Marine engineering
  • Structural and mechanical integration engineering
  • Material expertise and engineering
  • Design of lifting appliances and purpose-built crane systems

Management system according to ISO 9001



Allum is a recognized supplier of onshore and offshore turntables and has delivered numerous solutions, both as an engineering partner for design and analyses, and as a turnkey supplier for engineering, procurement, construction and installation.

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Produced Water

Allum has a reference list of design and fabrication of more than 40 CFU units. Since 2015, Allum has been doing research and developed its own proprietary technology for treatment of oily water.
Main features are low reject, less than 0.1%, high efficiency at low oil concentrations. The technology has been tested at Equinor. Currently, the patenting process is ongoing.



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