Allum Engineering AS

Allum Engineering provides Engineering Solutions and Technology to Marine, Energy and Process Industries. Over the years, engineering has been the core business area, and products have been developed originating from the competent and innovative engineering team.

Allum Engineering is delivering our services and products to demanding and challenging projects. Our team of engineers and project managers has long term practice and a wide multidiscipline experience.

Allum Engineering is a small and efficient company  always having our clients needs in focus searching for the right solutions. At the same time we have the facilities, management system, available resources and partners to facilitate larger engineering projects.

Together with our partners Allum delivers fabrication and machining services as well as larger turnkey multidiscipline projects including assembly, installation and testing at site or on-board vessels and offshore installations

Allum’s competitive advantage

  • Aim to remain an attractive long term partner for our Clients
  • Strong track record from more than 50 years operation
  • Multidiscipline Capacity
  • Solutions based approach to ensure efficient deliveries and solutions
  • Our engineers are focused on working close with our Clients to provide fast response to Client requests

Our main market areas and categories​

Cable Equipment​

  • Production-, handling-, transport- and storage- equipment for subseaq umbilicals and marine HV-cables
  • Planning of cable laying operations
  • Cable laying barge engineering
  • Cable laying vessels modifications and mobilisation


  • Ship modifications and conversions
  • Electrigication of vessels
  • Zero emission vessels
  • Sea fastening and marine operations planning
  • Lightship survey and stability calculations

Process Industry​

  • Design of purpose-built modules and equipment
  • Process pant layout and design
  • Water treatment systems
  • Integration of heat recovery and regeneration system


  • Modifications and upgrades of FLNGs, FPSOs, FSUs and Drilling Rigs
    • Studies and pre- engineering
    • Rig Intake support
  • Modules, structures and mechanical equipment
  • CFU Water treatment

Water treatment​

  • Allum’s proprietary technology for treatment of oily water
  • Low Reject, less than 0.1%
  • Compact Flotation
  • Tested at Equinor
  • Patent Pending

Want to work with us?

When working at Allum, you are dedicated to work with full attention to maintain high quality of our clients products every day and on every assignment whatever the challenge is. We never make a punch list and leave, we are pro-active and and strive to contribute to obtain solutions whenever possible.