Allum Engineering

  • Has for five decades, served the Marine, Energy and Process industries
  • Delivers Multidiscipline engineering, fabrication and turnkey solutions
  • Is a system integrator, enabling client technology
  • Keeps our clients need in focus

Our markets​

Cable Equipment​

  • Production-, handling-, transport- and storage- equipment for subseaq umbilicals and marine HV-cables
  • Planning of cable laying operations
  • Cable laying barge engineering
  • Cable laying vessels modifications and mobilisation


  • Ship modifications and conversions
  • Electrification of vessels
  • Zero emission vessels
  • Sea fastening and marine operations planning
  • Lightship survey and stability calculations 

Process Industry​

  • Design of purpose-built modules and equipment
  • Process pant layout and design
  • Water treatment systems
  • Integration of heat recovery and regeneration system


  • Modifications and upgrades of FLNGs, FPSOs, FSUs and Drilling Rigs
    • Studies and pre- engineering
    • Rig Intake support
  • Modules, structures and mechanical equipment
  • CFU Water treatment

Water treatment​

  • Allum’s proprietary technology for treatment of oily water
  • Low Reject, less than 0.1%
  • Compact Flotation
  • Tested at Equinor
  • Patent Pending

What we do

Allum Engineering’s core engineering core competencies are:

  • Structural analysis and design of structures
  • Mechanical equipment design
  • Piping and pressure vessel analyses and design
  • Navel Architecture and Marine engineering
  • Structural and mechanical integration engineering
  • Material expertise and engineering
  • Design of lifting appliances and purpose-built crane systems

Management system according to ISO 9001


Marine Cable handling equipment

  • Turntables and baskets for;
    • Production
    • Transport
    • Storage

Shore and deck cable handling equipment

  • Spooling lines
  • Pick Up arms
  • Laydown quadrants
  • Roller tables
  • Overboard and pick up
  • chutes
  • Sheaves
  • Foundations
  • Lifting tables

Compact Flotation Units (CFU)

  • Allums own proprietary technology for treatment of oily water.
  • Main features are low reject, less than 0.1%, high efficiency at low oil concentrations.


Handling crane

  • Container top mounted service crane
  • Capacity at sea: 1.0mT @ 10.3m at HS 2.0m

Zero emission Work Boat

  • 12 m lenght work boad
  • 13 hours operation at 8 knots
  • 528 kW battery pack
  • 6 Tonnes and 20 m2 deck capacity



Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hear from you.